Betotrade was founded in 1998 in Tartu, Estonia. The aim of Betotrade is to introduce innovative technologies and building materials in Estonia in cooperation with top specialists from Europe and farther. We are focusing on activities associated with concrete. We offer different materials together with projects beneath the concrete to avoid humidity, inside the concrete to strengthen the structure and upon the concrete to protect it from wearing.

We deliver high-quality and price-competitive building materials from all over the world. We offer technically most practical and economical solutions to engineers and constructors, thereby not compromising the quality.

Among our references is a skyscraper with one of the most unique technical solutions in Europe – Rocca Tower. In cooperation with German engineers elevated floors using steel fibre reinforced concrete were designed and built in this building.

Our mission:

To ensure that builders could deal with main activity – construction. Choice of materials and technical solutions is our concern.




We are offering:

* steel fibre,

* polypropylene fibre,

* concrete floor hardener,

* concrete floor maintenance agents,

* different structural profiles,