Secundur S


SECUNDUR is a factory produced, ready to use coloured cement mortar for the production of decorative screeds in a layer thickness of up to maximum of 70 mm depending on requirement.
SECUNDUR can be installed in one layer according to:

  • DIN 18560-2 screeds and heating screeds on insulation layer
  • DIN 18560-3 screeds in compound with KORODUR Bonding
  • DIN 185560-4 screeds on separation layer.


anthracite, beige, olive, red, cement grey

Areas of application:

residental buildings, public buildings, office and administration buildings, exposition halls, shop-houses



In case SECUNDUR is to be laid as screed in compound, acc. to DIN 18560-3 it has to be applied on load bearing, clean sub-base which is free from contamination or separation layers (base concrete with minimum strength C 25/30).
Before application the sub-base must be pre-wet, avoiding the formation of puddles

SECUNDUR S - polished -
The SECUNDUR surface is reapeatedly smoothed (usually 5 grinding/polishing steps for rough and fine polishing). The grain structure of the SECUNDUR material becomes visible (terrazzo appearance).
After polishing the surface is repeatedly cleaned with water using a cleaning machine with brush head.


First treatment:

To achieve a long-lasting and attractive surface, a first treatment of the surface is required, which should be done after sufficient drying and setting (for at least 7 days) and after thorough cleaning of the surface. There are diverse products available on request (such as e.g. MKS, Thilos/Glassprofi 1905).



KORODUR Westphal Hartbeton GmbH & Co., works Wattenscheid
Cert.: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


25 kg special paper bags, to be stored dry like cement, shelf-life approx. 6 months