KCF - a factory-produced, ready to use, cementitious, extremely decorative design floor.
KCF - in marble optics
KCF - also coloured


KCF design floor - for post-modern architecture in sales room, boutiques, exposition rooms, restaurants, lobbies, museums, office buildings, airport terminals, subway and railway stations as well as representational areas.


1. On to set base concrete
The bases concrete, min. C 25/30 must be pre-treated by milling, shot-peening etc. For permabond composite the surface must be free from loose and brittle particles and enrichments of finest mortar, rough and open-pore. The evenness should be acc. to DIN 18202, table 3, line 3. The bond strength must be min. 1,5 N/mm2. The pre-treated base concrete is thoroughly pre-wetted, avoiding puddles. On to the matt-damp surface the KORODUR Bonding Compound HB 5 is to be applied following the system.

KCF-dry mortar to be mixed with approx.10% water (referred to the mortar weight) in plastic consistency and to be applied fresh-in-fresh on the still damp bonding compound in a thickness of approx. 12 mm, struck off aligned and timely ground and smoothed. The KCF-surface must be repeatedly mechanically smoothed until a shiny structure is achieved. At the end of the setting phase the surface has to be finally smoothed by using power trowel until closure of pores. In case of need it can be partally remoistened and smoothed again with power trowel to intensify the "cloud formation effect" for the marble optics of the surface.

2. On to separation or insulation layer
Cement screed, min. C 35/F5 (bond strength > 1,5 N/mm2) in min. 10 cm thickness (DIN 18560, table 7, line 3.4.3) as compensation layer, to be applied over gauges, struck off aligned and mechanically compacted.
As soon as the cement screed has sufficiently dried the KCF is applied analogously to the processing as described under "on to set base concrete".


After-treatment for 7 days with PE foil. To achieve the intended shiny effect of the surface, the KCF floor after 21 days is cleaned pore-deep from any contamination and a first maintenance carried out.

Technical data

Raw material:

  • grain size
  • compressive strength
  • tensile strength
  • water admixture
  • processing temperature

0 - 4 mm.

55 N/mm2
7 N/mm2
10% referred to the mortar weight

> 5o C

Material consumption:

At layer thickness of approx 12 mm - 28 Kg/m2


Korodur Westphal Hartbeton
Bochum Wattenscheid, Hohensteinstrasse 19
D-44866 Bochum

Packing / storage:
25 kg packaging / store dry, like cement