KOROMINERAL – liquid, transparent impregnation material on silicate basis.


KOROMINERAL - for the impregnation of concrete or screed surfaces in storage and production areas, cold stores etc.
KOROMINERAL is specially qualified for mineral sub-bases such as screeds, cementitious industrial floors, concrete, masonry mortar and cementitious plasters, to improve the density and water-repellent effect.


The impregnation of freshly installed concrete or screed areas with KOROMINERAL should take place at the earliest only after drying off.
The sub-base must be free from contamination and loose particles (the wet cleaning of the surface, e.g. using mechanical cleaning machine, has to be done immediately before the application of KOROMINERAL.
Irritations or colour differences in the surface of the floors will not be covered by the application of KOROMINERAL.

KOROMINERAL is supplied ready to use. It is applied undiluted in one working step until saturation is achieved.
The application is carried out by using e.g. squeegee and thereafter rolling over cross-wise using short-haired lambskin roller. Excessive material must be thoroughly removed (to avoid the formation of puddles). For total remove of any remainders we recommend after the application (approx. 30 minutes) a wet cleaning of the floor (clean water) by using mechanical cleaning machine.
Pilot tests with positive result may induce a modified application.
To check the local conditions the arrangement of a test area is recommended.

Technical data:

  • Form
  • Colour
  • Density
  • Ph-value

1,12 g/cm3

Consumption quantity:

  • Consumtion quantity depends on the suction property of the sub-base and ranges at approx 100 – 200 g/m².


Korodur Westphal Hartbeton
Bochum Wattenscheid, Hohensteinstrasse 19
D-44866 Bochum

Supply / storage:
20 kg units.
Frost-free and dry in closed original packing.


12 months

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