Korodur HB5 bonding compound


For the permabond compound of cementitious screeds on set concrete.


KORODUR HB 5 - ready to use, cementitious bonding compound for the permabond compound of all grades of screeds including KORODUR hard aggregate screeds on set concrete.
Specially suitable for the KORODUR KOROTAN industrial flooring system, see technical data sheet. It is unaffected by possible subgrade moisture. For indoor and outdoor use.  


  • brown-coloured for visual control
  • water-resistant, suitable for wet-rooms
  • chloride-free
  • optimum compound
  • vapour-open
  • constant quality due to factory and outside controls


The base concrete, min B 25 grade, must be pre-treated by milling, shot peening or high-pressure wash etc. For permabond compound the surface must be free from cracks, even, free from cement slurry, free from dust and loose particles, free from oils, greases and other contaminations, rough and open-pore. The surface strength has to be min 1,5 N/mm2.
The base concrete is to be pre-wetted 1 day prior to the installation, avoiding formation of puddles.

Add per 25 kg bag of KORODUR HB 5 approx. 5,5 litres water and stir for approx. 1 - 2 mm thick, on to the prepared subbase - the surface of the pre-wetted subbase must be matt-damp. Take care that no colour fading/overmoisturing occurs. Then the screed is immediately applied onto the still fresh bonding compound KORODUR HB 5 to prevent too early drying out of the bonding compound.

Consumption :

  • Consumption approx. 2 kg/m2 depending on the surface structure and the absorptivity of the subbase.
  • Processing temperature > 5oC

 25 kg special paper packaging

Dry, like cement, self-life approx. 6 months

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