Source data of the floor construction strength calculation

Insert data fields:

Floor space: m2
Building contractor:
Contact person:

I Data of the subbase:

Ev2-value as the result of the plate load test from the subbase Ev2= MN / m2
or modulus of subgrade reaction k=
Structure of the subbase, including subsoil, layers thickness (if it is known):

II Loads:

Indoor, outdoor
Activities planned on the floor:
Special requirements for the floor area (e.g. Smoothness, free of dust, dielectric):


uniformly distributed load: q= kN / m2
Point loads:
Rack systems: load of the one leg of the rack: F= kN
Rack base plate measurements: bxd= xcm
Distance of the rack legs from longitudinal direction: Lx= m
Same from perpendicular direction: Ly= m

Dynamic loads::

type of the fork lift truck, gross weigth:
maximum wheel load: F= kN
contact pressure under the wheel: p= N/mm2
type of tire:
pneumatic tires
solid rubber tires
vulcanized tires
truck gross weigth: kN
maximum wheel load of the truck: F= kN

Other point loads: (e.g. heavy production machines)

III originally planned floor construction:

concrete class:
floor thickness: d=cm
top/bottom reinforcement mesh: /

IV other comments: