NEODUR HE 65 hard aggregate screed is a ready to use cementitious hard aggregate screed on the basis of KORODUR hard aggregates acc. to DIN 1100 - A 0/5, processed as a compound screed in one or two layers for heaviest stress demands, acc. to DIN 18560-7.
The factory admixture of PP-fibres effects a considerable reduction of possible crack formation.
NEODUR HE 65 is also available in colours.


For the production of heavy duty industrial screeds, e.g. in production halls, workshops, high-shelf-stores and other industrial surfaces exposed to heaviest stress.

1) Fresh-on-fresh processing:

The base concrete must be produced min. as C 25/30 acc. to EN 206.
The use of the KORODUR plasticizer KOROPLAST is recommended. The surface must be produced in level within the tolerance limit acc. to DIN 18202. The fresh, just walkable base concrete is planed with a disk float. NEODUR HE 65 is mixed in the pan type mixer with water depending on installation method - mixing time approx. 3 minutes - and installed.
NEODUR HE 65 is levelled off over gauges with aluminium lath or vibrating beam and intensively smoothed on time.

2) On hardened base concrete:
The existing base concrete, strength class min. C 25/30, must be pretreated by milling, shot peening. For permabond compound the surface must be free from loose and brittle particles and cement laitance, rough and open-pore.  The evenness should be acc. to DIN 18202, table 3, line 3. The prepared base concrete to be pre-wetted 1 day prior to the installation, avoiding formation of puddles. On the matt-damp surface the KORODUR Bonding Compound HB 5 is applied, see technical data sheet. The installation of NEODUR HE 65 takes place analogous to the processing instructions for "fresh-on-fresh", whereby in this case the installation can be carried out almost jointless

Technical data:

Raw material:

  • Granulometry
  • Compressive strength 28 days
  • Tensile strength
  • Wear resistance
  • 1mm material-thikness consumpsion




  • 0 - 5 mm.
  • C 70 N/mm2
  • F 9 N/mm2
  • 5 cm3/50cm2
  •  2,1 kg/m2


Materjali kulunorm:

  • 4 – 6 kg / m²

  • värvilise NEODUR HE 3 soovituslik kulunorm on 5 – 7 kg / m²

Korodur Westphal Hartbeton GmbH
Bochum Wattenscheid, Hohensteinstrasse 19
D-44866 Bochum

KORODUR Westphal Hartbeton GmbH & Co tootmine toimub vastavalt standardile EN 13813.

25 kg special paper packaging, loose in silo

Dry, like cement.

6 months


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