Korophalt 02


KOROPHALT 02 is a cementitious, non-shrink, high-early-strength special filling mortar for the production of semi-rigid cover layers for industrial and traffic areas, also coloured available.
KOROPHALT 02 combines the properties of a high strength grouting mortar and the flexibility of an asphalt system.


KOROPHALT 02 is used for the production of mechanically heavy duty wearing courses for container terminals, air ports, parking/shelf spaces, traffic lanes, multiple-storey car parks, forwarders reloading terminals etc.


  • low shrinkage
  • highly flowable
  • short setting time
  • high load bearing capacity
  • jointless construction
  • short construction time
  • low construction height


In reference to the "Note on the production of semi-rigid weaing courses", the 4 - 6 cm thick semi-rigid wearing course is placed on an one or two-coat asphalt base layer.
The wearing course consists of a specially developed like-grained asphalt base course with 25 - 30 % voids contents. In a second working step the voids are filled with KOROPHALT 02 special mortar.
KOROPHALT 02 can be processed with suitable pan type mixer or stirrer (approx. 400 rpm), for larger areas with qualified mortar pumps, likewise as silo material with the approved KORODUR silo technique.
Due to its low viscosity, KOROPHALT 02 can flow into the asphalt base course without mechanical help. A clean surface, which is free from excessive mortar is achieved by striking off with rubber squeegee.


After-treatment acc. to DIN 1045. Differing temperatures may influence the setting and hardening process.


Technical data

  • grain size
  • admixture
  • swelling index
  • flexural strength after 28 days
  • processing temperature
  • yield


  • 0 - 0,25 mm
  • per 25 kg bag 5,75 - 6,0 l water
  • > 0,1 Vol. %
  • > 70 N/mm2
  • > 5 oC
  • 12 - 13 l per bag



Korodur Westphal Hartbeton
Bochum Wattenscheid

25 kg special paper packaging or as bulk material in silo

Dry, like cement


6 months


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