NEODUR HE 2 - factory produced, ready to use cementitious dry mortars acc. to  DIN 18557 and EN 13813, for the production of industrial floors.


For industrial floors to improve the surface hardness and the wear resistance of the floors being subjected to direct industrial stress. Indoors and outdoors.


NEODUR HE 2 is processed in dry installation method for the production of industrial screeds with integrated topping.
Precondition for a correct processing of NEODUR is the right initial consistency of the previously installed concrete or screed. The installed concrete/screed must have set so far that the surface is just walkable. As soon as this point of time is given, the concrete/screed is trowelled by means of disk float in order to concentrate cement paste on the surface as bond aid.
Apply NEODUR HE 2 uniformly in dry condition. Immediately after moisture penetration, work in NEODUR material by using disk float. A further analogous installation procedure can be carried out as long as the NEODUR dry mortar still moistens.
Afterwards timely smoothing of the surface by using wing float is executed.

Technical data:

Raw material:

  • Hard aggregate mixture with special cements (granulometry)
  • Hardness acc. to Mohs
  • Compressive strength 28 days
  • Wear




  • 0 - 3 mm.
  • 7 - 8
  • > 75 N / mm²
  •  8 cm³ / 50cm²


Material consumption:

  • 3 - 5 kg / m²

  • coloured NEODUR HE 2 recommended consumption  4 – 6 kg / m²


Korodur Westphal Hartbeton
Bochum Wattenscheid, Hohensteinstrasse 19
D-44866 Bochum

25 kg special paper packaging

Dry, like cement.


6 months

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