Eurofiber MF 1217


PB EUROFIBER are functional fibres especially developed for the construction industry. Since the eighties, PB EUROFIBER have been leading the European market in optimising the functionality of building materials. Our fibres are processed as an additive to concretes and screeds as well as in dry mix products. PB EUROFIBER is also added as functional fibres in the paint/varnish industry as well as in sealing compounds.
PB EUROFIBER is a registered trademark which is licensed according to DIN 1045 by the German Institute for Construction Engineering in Berlin.

The advantages of using:

  • Ensures a higher quality  of concrete outcome, greatly reducing ductile concrete shrinkage
  • Reduces the risk for crack formation
  • Reduces the porosity of the concrete surface
  • Prevents water absorption of concrete
  • Increases the impact resistance of concrete
  • Concrete increases the resistance to temperature change.


  • Industrial floors and smoothing layers
  • Concrete elements
  • Torkreet concrete and tunnels construction
  • Road construction
  • Mixtures and mortars


PB Eurofiber MF 1217 is packaged to 500 g self-degradable packets.

On concrete floors and on screeds dosage  500 g for m³ concrete  is recommended.

For other uses it is recommended to consult with importer ,  to find out optimal solution depend on length and dosage of the fibre.

PB Eurofiber polypropylene divided into optimally and in concrete constitutes three-dimensional matrix, what protects from cracking of concrete.


Technical data:

Raw material:

  • Length
  • Package
  • Tear force
  • The modulus of elasticity
  • Melting point



  • 12 mm (on rquest 2, 6, 20 mm)
  • 500 g
  • 170 - 240 N / mm²
  • 570 N / mm²
  • 160 ° C


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