Polymer fibre macro

BarChip 48


EPC´s BarChip48, a Structural Synthetic Fibre from Elasto Plastic Concrete´s range of copolymer fibres, evolved from EPC´s "Future Fibre" research and development program. The aim of this program is to develop a range of fibres that achieve the highest performance levels ever seen in structural synthetic fibre reinformance levels ever seen in structural synthetic fibre reinforcement systems. The latest advances in polymer technology, engineering design and manufacturing techniques have been incorporated into EPC´s BarChip48 to deliver a fibre that is unequaled in usability, durability and service performance.

BarChip48 is suitable for use in concrete applications with concrete strengths of 35 MPa or less.


BarChip48 has an effective dose range of 2,5 kg to 10 kg per cubic metre. Dose rates should be selected based on performance requirements. The typical dose rate for general concrete applications is 2,5 kg/m3. For engineered applications, such as housing slabs and commercial flooring, dose rates typically range from 2,5 kg/m3 to 5 kg/m3.


To achieve optimum fibre distribution during mixing it is recommended the total fibre requirement is added first "bags and all" to the mixer with the initial batch water. From this point normal loading procedures can be used. The mulchable bag will release the fibres which will be homogenously distributed throughout the mix after 5 minutes of mixing. 6 kg of EPC´s BarChip48 may reduce measured slump by between 10 mm and 20 mm dependent on mix design.


EPC´s BarChip48 fibre can be pumped through 50 mm rubber hoses without difficulty. Precaution should be taken to ensure the fibres can pass freely through the pump hopper grate.


Product features:

  • Length
  • Tensile strength
  • Youngs modulus
  • Melting point
  • Ignition point




  • 48 mm
  • 640 MPa
  • 10 GPa
  • 159oC - 179oC
  • greater than 450oC


Materjali kulunorm:

  • 3 - 5 kg / m3

Handling and storage:
2,5 kg mulchable paper bag / 440 Kgs per pallet

Must be protected from water

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