The HC-Mini Omega construction and expansion joints are made of two folded plates in 2 or 3 mm thickness

These profiles fit together tightly due to their clever, standardised form. For anchoring into concrete, these profiles are provided with a special designed anchor system. The anchors are made of folded plates of 20 x 2 mm with a oval whole on bottom and welded each 50 cm on both sides.

The profiles are connected together using small synthetic bolts and nuts that do not need to removed after being put in place.
The profiles are assembled with an overlap of 15 mm so that the next profile can easily be connected to the previous profile during installation. The profile is made in standard lengths of metres and are available in heights from 60 to 100 mm.

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Free horizontal expansion and contraction of the industrial floor. As the poured concrete dries, the inevitable contraction is taken up by the horizontal spreading of the HC-Mini Omega expansion joints.
Preventing vertical movement
Load transfer
: The HC- Mini Omega expansion joint provides a transfer of loads from one floor section to another.
Edge protection
joint profile
Easy installation
Waterproof solutions




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