Vaiadel põranda hinnapäring

The static calculation of the floor leaning on piles.

Explaining pictures:

1.1 Pile grid: L1 = m L2 =m
1.2 Edgespan: Le1 =m Le2 =m
1.3 Pile diameter: p =mm
1.4 Pilehead diameter: dH =mm
1.5 Pilehead thickness: tH =mm

2. Floor

2.1 Floor thickness: h = mm
2.2 Floor thickness + pilehead thickness: H =mm

3. Loads

3.1 uniformly distributed load: h = kN/m2
3.2 Line load: QL =kN/m

3.3 Fork-lift truck

Explaining pictures:
Total weight : mF =kN
Wheel load : PF =kN
Width : bF =m
Length : LF =m

3.4 Point loads

Explaining picture:
Point load: P =kN
Distance between point loads: aR =m bR =m bF =m LR =m
Width load under the racks: qIR =kN/m2

3.5 Truck

Explaining picture:
Axle load: PtkN
Number of the axles:
Distance between axles: Lt= m
Other data:
Name :