DOWEL joint profile

Deformation support profile for concrete floors

Product Description

DOWEL profiles are used in concrete floors to form a deformation or expansion gap to allow the concrete slab to shorten or lengthen. This product significantly increases the protection of joint edges against the crushing effects of dynamic loads. The DOWEL profiles perfectly transmit shear loads through the joint thanks to a special anchoring and transmission system. Transfer of loads is possible even with an opening of up to 25mm.

Technical description

  • Distance between load transfer plates 600mm
  • Profile overlap: 60mm
  • Standard length: 3000mm
  • Steel grade: S355

Floor thickness (mm) Profile height (mm) Weight (kg/piece) Max pcs under Weight of the base (kg)
90-110 90 31,8 75 2550
110-120 100 32,3 70 2450
130-150 125 33,5 70 2500
160-180 155 34,9 70 2600
180-200 175 35,9 66 2550

Technical information:

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Max. file size: 2 GB.