Angle Bar

Hot-dip galvanised corner reinforcement bars for concrete floor edges

Product Description

Angle Bars are designed to be used as protecting profile for the inner corner of the concrete constructions. They can transfer moderate loads to the concrete.

The standard length of the angle is 3 meters. They can be cut easily to required length at building site. Anchoring of the angle is based on rebar anchors.

Technical description

  • Angle bar 50 x 50 x 5mm
  • Anchor rods diameter 10mm.
  • Anchor rod length 100mm
  • Standard length: 3000mm
  • Steel grade: S355

Places of use

  • Garage entrances in private houses, apartment buildings, offices, etc.
  • Loading docks in logistics centres, commercial premises, manufacturing buildings, etc.
  • Concrete slab facing
  • Door openings on industrial floors

Technical information:

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