Tools – Power Trowels Accessories

  • Combination blades manufactured from high carbon spring steel with high abrasive resistance.
  • Blade bars machined to fine tolerances & blade base rivet holes cut and countersunk
  • To ensure perfect blade assembly every time.
  • Rigid quality control for consistent supply
  • Blades to fit most major trowel producers.
  • Concrete combination blades packaged with plastic thread protectors
  • Finish blades offered in two versions – pro fine finish and pro long life.
  • Barikell mk8 finish and combination blades with m10 bolt also produced and supplied
  • We sell blades for the following machines:
    • ENAR
    • WAKKER
    • ATLAS
  • We offer a variety of Float pans to fit most leading make of Power Floats.
  • Pans produced from 3mm thickness steel.
  • Curvature of the pan ranges from 3mm to 8mm at dead centre to ensure minimum of suction to the slab and maximum movement of the Concrete.
  • We produce with 4, 8 or 10 brackets for Walkbehind machines and Ride on machines.
  • Painted or non painted? We offer both.
  • We sell float pans in the following sizes:
    • d: 600 mm
    • d: 750 mm
    • d: 900 mm
    • d: 1200 mm

Spare parts are available upon reservation.

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