General information about joint profiles

Joints are the most critical part of a concrete floor. There are two different types of floor joints:

  • cut shrink joints which are cut to approximately 1/3 of the thickness of the slab
  • deformation joints which are as thick as the slabs.

Today’s industrial floors are largely cast without cut joints which means that deformation joints are primarily used. Those joints open up to 20 mm as the volume of the concrete shrinks and it is thus very important for them not to break under the wheels of forklifts, for the edges of the slabs not to curl upwards and carry loads over the joints. The best way to form a deformation joint is to use special joint profiles. Various different solutions have been used throughout the years and the focus has mainly been on protecting the edges of the joints and enabling horizontal movement. Thus, modern solutions can be used to significantly strengthen this point which has been making floors weaker.

In addition to allowing regular horizontal movement of floor slabs, Betotrade also offers special Cosinus Slide, E-silde and E-straight joint solutions which have been developed further considerably and offer significant improvements:

  • Driving over a joint does not cause any impacts even in the case of forklift wheels which are made of a very stiff material. For the end consumer, this means lower costs on the maintenance of loading machinery (wheel bearings, tyres), lower risks to the health of the employees (back problems), and a lower risk of damaging the goods transported.
  • Vertical movement is prevented, there is no step between the different sides of the joints
  • Curling effect of the joint edges is prevented
  • A considerably higher load-bearing capacity, as a result of which the thickness of the concrete floor can be optimised
  • Better protection of the edges of the joints

Our product selection also includes a solution for old and decayed deformation joints which require repairing. This method allows to restore the joints of walkways or door openings with very intense traffic where the decayed joints significantly slows down the smooth progress of logistics.

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