E-straight joint

The e-straight construction joint is our new solution for concrete industrial floors with less static (racks) and dynamic (traffic) load requirements.

The appropriate choice for a construction joint is always a function of engineering and calculations for load transfer. Please chose whether you want to run a pre-calculation yourself with our online tool or if you want us to provide you with a complete and free-of-charge design check.

Why e-straight?

The e-straight joint is an efficient solution for non-traffic areas where the sliding effect is not needed. The e-straight construction joint is based on the e-slide technology and differs only with the straight upper steel plates. The Omega load transfer system and the 3D anchorage system is similar to the e-slide and in combination with the e-slide it can control dynamic and static load challenges. It can do this in a more economical way for floors with lower load and traffic demands.


  • Continuous 3D anchorage system (patented technology)
  • High performing, zero tolerance, continuous load transfer
  • Free horizontal movement of the floor in 2 directions
  • Straight edge protection
e-straight vuugiprofiil joonis

e-straight vuugiprofiil joonis

Slab thickness(mm) b
Pallet quantity
Gross Weight (kg)  Pallet quantity (pcs) 
130 140-150 30 7,37 19,15 145,6 1150 56
155 160-180 65 7,78 20,22 127,4 1070 49
180 190-200 90 8,07 20,99 109,2 960 42

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