Mini Omega

Mini Omega vuugiprofiil

The range of the HC-Mini Omega joint is especially designed for applications in industrial floors on elevated bearing slabs, stage floors, parkings on roofs and also in small industrial floors in buildings and private houses.

The appropriate choice for a construction joint is always a function of engineering and calculations for load transfer. Please chose whether you want to run a pre-calculation yourself with our online tool or if you want us to provide you with a complete and free-of-charge design check.

It is suitable as day-joint and pouring-stop for all kind of top layers, bonded to or debonded from the subbase, such as for example hollow core slabs and composite slabs. The profile transfers loads across the joint. The joint and joint spacing must be arranged so that the maximum opening is 10 mm. Quick-to-install, pre-assembled expansion joint profile with continuous load transfer device. Steel grade S235JRG2 untreated and hot-dip galvanized, also available in aluminum and stainless steel type 304.

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Max. file size: 2 GB.